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Restaurant Bookings

  • Tessitura Integration
  • UX Design
  • Angular JS
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  • In 2019, we completed a project to improve the user experience of making restaurant reservations.

    This project spanned UX design, front end development (html, css, Angular JS), and backend system integration with their Tessitura ticketing platform.

    The Royal Albert Hall already offered restaurant bookings on their website for a few years but they felt it didn’t serve both their changing business along with the expectations of bookers as to what a restaurant booking system should offer.  They also saw some restaurants getting a higher portion of traffic and bookings over others. They felt this was due to the outdated UX rather than the organic popularity of the restaurant.

    We worked directly with RAH technical and non-technical stakeholders to agree on the requirements which included the following functionality: 

    • The ability to view all dining options at the Hall.
    • See reservation availability across different restaurants and instantly reserve a table within a few clicks.
    • Amend/cancel booking reservations online.
    • Personalised restaurant recommendations based on the ticket or product is being purchased.
    • Google Analytics support to analyse usage statistics for the restaurant widgets.
    • Gracefully handle situations where backend system was unavailable due to moments of peak demand (e.g., ticket releases and on-sales).
    • Confirmation email after a booking that includes content specific to the restaurant booking.


164k Restaurants selected within solution

55k Bookings made online

33% Conversion rate

56% Of restaurant bookings happened as part of a performance booking

25% Increase in online bookings for restaurant Elgar

What we did.

  • Strategic definition
  • User experience concept
  • Product renders
  • CMS development
  • Tessitura Integration
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Google analytics support

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